{emma + rafe – sweethearts}

we first met emma when she found us to be her photographer, at that time rafe is mining engineer in the papua new guinea. emma has such a lovely and bubbly character, and god, i loved her red hair….

rafe….it’s funny when you only meet one half and not the other half because you’ll keep imaging what kind of a person would he be when emma talks themselves.

so finally the day came. emma and rafe chose clovelly beach as they’ve learnt diving here and they would often come here to dive. we had done this shoot really early before their wedding day because rafe would only be in sydney a few times before the wedding.

so..not surprised, rafe is a very kind and loving guy. they are so much fun to shoot with. looking back at the images when rafe picked up emma couldn’t make us stop laughing! we can’t wait to shoot their wedding day!